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Antique Ichimatsu doll circa 1945 attributed to Master dollmaker Ota Takuhisa

Ota Takuhisa is one of the nine Master Ichimatsu doll makers chosen in 1927 to create 58 exquisite dolls to be sent to the United States as a gesture of friendship in response to dolls sent to Japan by American children.

She has a captivating face with sensuous lips in a shape that is most appealing.

This is an OUTSTANDING doll in remarkable condition considering it’s age.

The face is almost completely without dirt or markings, though there are a couple of tiny seam cracks in the arms and legs.

I include the original photos taken in Japan of the doll’s body and markings as I did not want to undress her myself to take new photos.

The dressing of a Japanese doll with Kimono and all accessories is an art in itself. She was professionally dressed in Japan.

Her costume consists of many pieces as can be seen in the photos.

There is some deterioration of the silk of the obi age just under where the tassel hangs.

I see no tears in her Kimono.

The Juban, under-kimono is a lovely pink silk with beautiful pattern woven into it.

The outer Kimono is a traditional color fading from orange to yellow and has wonderful hand embroidery in both silk threads and some metallic threads. There are more metallic highlights scattered on the silk fabric.

I have taken two photos showing the under garments also in remarkable condition.

She has the traditional coverings on her feet that appear to have never been off the doll as the feet are perfect and clean.

Her hair is human hair, also in excellent condition

Ichimatsu dolls have faces finished with “Gofun” a paste made from powdered oyster shells and animal glue. These faces cannot be washed.

She has gorgeous brown glass eyes.

The finished doll stands 22 inches

She does have her original wooden lacquered stand, however, I did not know how to put her on to her own stand, so I have photographed her on a wood base stand I had here. I will send both stands with the doll.

Please write with any questions before purchasing as I do not accept returns. The many photos should clearly show the doll’s condition.