Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

Bathing Beauty

U.S. $950.00 Finished All-porcelain moveable figurine. PLEASE WRITE FOR MANY MORE AND LARGER PHOTOS

An Emily Hart doll

From Seeley Mold “Tanzey” Fairy

This is a ONE OF A KIND interpretation of this doll and will not be duplicated.


All porcelain six piece doll with moveable head, arms and legs, the joints are lined with fine glove leather for smooth movement.

Finest paperweight solid glass eyes in cobalt blue color

Mohair wig in auburn color features allover tiny curls

China painted with many layers and firings in between each layer.

Bathing costume is painted with fired on “shimmer paint”

Labor-intensive raised paste design is defined with fired-on gold.

Tiny button earrings are also done with raised paste work and fired on gold.

Extra Fine Painting done in 2003, this doll was finally finished in December of 2013.

The doll is 11.25 inches tall