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B-447 body

U.S. $114.95 B-447 French body measures 15.5 inches shown with the Scmitt & Fils "Lily" ... this body will be perfect for many of my heads such as the Tete Jumeau Ariel in smaller size, the Full Lips Tete Jumeau, Bourgoin Steiner, Halopeau 5H, & Gaultier "Yvonne". Some heads are correct to go on either a 15.5 or 16.5 body depending on the look you want to have for your doll, such as the Scmitt & Fils head that is shown with this body, she can also go on a taller body and still look in proportion. This body is from a Byron Mold and they have a slightly fatter torso, and narrower ankle but larger feet than the Bell bodies. This body has a wide neck opening, for a slimmer body and narrower neck use the B-2560 body To order write to info@thebellcollection.com