Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls


7.25 inch all-bisque doll ... Doll and costume made by Emily Hart

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking, is an artist working in porcelain to earn her living since 1990…. Thirty year anniversary in 2020

Presenting: All-bisque 7 ¼ inch smiling doll with three molded bows in her hair. Originally made by Gebrűder Heubach & marked 10490 3. This is a head torso doll with intaglio eyes and open-closed mouth showing two tiny teeth.

Made from the Seeley mold called “Elsbeth” she is one of the most appealing of the all-bisque dolls.

Features are:

Poured in “Lady White” fine porcelain with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between.

This doll was partly made for some years and finally in 2020 has her costume finished.

The dress and undergarments are made from 100% cotton batiste fabric and trimmed with fine cotton French laces. The dress is embellished with pure silk rococo trim.

She wears panties, and dress with a slip sewn inside the dress.

Doll and costume made by Emily Hart.

This doll is 7 ¼ inches tall (18.5 cm)