Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

S & H 151 Ingrid


Adorable smiling German Doll HEAD ONLY with dimples, originally by Simon & Halbig, Germany, circa 1915 Authentic Antique Reproduction

-Originally made in Germany by Simon & Halbig and marked 151 this charming doll was made during the early 1900's.

- This lovely doll head has the following features:

-Extra Fine China painting, applied in up to 6 layers with firings in between

-“Ingrid” has six porcelain teeth painted in.

-She features painted eyes in blue color.

-As with all authentic reproductions her head was poured in white porcelain

-Fabulous Australian mohair wig with high luster, custom made for Emily Hart dolls; features center part, bangs and soft curls in light blonde color

This head fits a composition body of 11 inches to become a 15 inch doll.

Costume by Mary Lambeth is for display only and not included in this listing.
Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking is an artist who earns her living exclusively through selling her porcelain art.

Since 1990 Emily has been dedicated to making the finest in authentic porcelain Reproduction dolls. It took seven years of study and many courses to earn her the coveted Grandmaster of Dollmaking title from the Doll Artisan Guild of New York. Emily has earned her place as a World Class Doll maker with her many Best of Show Rosettes and Canada's Top Trophy in the Professional Category for her French Ethnic Bébé.