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Jumeau Lady

LISTED YESTERDAY, SOLD TODAY....U.S. $995.00 Twelve inch lady doll from my own PRIVATE COLLECTION. The absolute best painting I have ever done.

Emily Hart from her PRIVATE COLLECTION Presenting:
French Lady Antique Reproduction doll UNDRESSED originally made by Emile-Louis Jumeau circa 1886 to 1889

ONE OF A KIND….Tiny Lady Size this is from the Jean Nordquist mold.

I do not own this mold and will not be able to make any more of this doll.

Painted in July 2016

This is my ultra best painting I have ever done and the only tiny lady doll I have made; (though I have made and sold some heads for these little ladies in the past and still have some of those heads to sell.)

Poured in finest “Lady White” porcelain and with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between each layer.

The skin tone is very lovely and pale and with eye shadow

She wears earrings and matching necklace of GENUINE FRESHWATER PEARLS.

This head features fine solid glass hand blown French Paperweight eyes with gorgeous threading in “Light Blue” color made by Hand Glasscraft of England.

She features an extra fine quality Australian mohair wig, in natural platinum color with bangs and soft spiral curls.

The body is composition from New York Doll Products and is fully jointed as per the photos.

Included are the beautiful hand-made genuine leather shoes, stamped on the bottom and laced up with pure silk ribbons. These tiny shoes have high heels.

This very fine doll was made for myself, but I just have not the ability to dress and keep all the dolls I have now partly made, therefore I am offering some undressed dolls for you to dress.

She is just over 12 inches tall and will come with her doll stand as seen in the photos.