Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

Pru Pickles

U.S. $999.99 Please write for many more photos

An Emily Hart doll “Pru Pickles, Harem dancer”.

From Seeley Mold “Pru Pickles”

This is a ONE OF A KIND interpretation of this doll and will not be duplicated. This is a piece of art.
She is signed and dated at the back of her head.

This doll was poured in “French Bisque” Seeley fine porcelain with glass overlay.

All-porcelain seven piece doll with moveable head, waist, arms and legs, and is best displayed sitting. A doll like this is not meant to be played with and the arms and legs must be moved slowly and carefully.

China painted over glass finish, with many layers and firings in between each layer. The painting is superb, and she even has fingernails and toenails painted!

After all the china painting, the raised paste design is added… it takes many long hours to create in raised paste with a fine brush and heavy paste that is then fired on. The paste must then have a glaze over it so that the REAL GOLD can be applied and fired on.

She has forehead jewelry design in raised paste and gold work as well as her cute little bra, arm bracelets, anklets with tassels, and waist beads, and a little heart on her lower back.

Finest paperweight solid glass eyes in brown color… Please note, the brown glass eyes do not photograph well, and look much more beautiful when the doll is in front of you.

The mohair wig is rich brown in color with tiny braid over and multiple curls in the back.

The earrings and necklace are tiny metallic purple beads with tiny gold-tone coins, and she has a matching beaded waistlet.

Extra Fine Painting done in 1995, this doll was kept for all these many years carefully packed away in a drawer, therefore I am listing her as a new doll as she was never offered for sale before.

The doll is 13 inches tall