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Suzi & Puyi

U.S. $3999.99 Two incredible Oriental dolls... I only ever made this one pair... probably will never make more due to my age and all that I still have to finish. I have many more photos of this pair in my ebay store, or write and I will be happy to send you more photos by email.

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking, winner of over 50 International awards, Canada's Top Trophy and many Best of show Rosettes in International Competition in 2018 Celebrating 28 years creating in porcelain.

Presenting: A “One of a kind” pair of dolls, entirely made by Emily Hart, including all porcelain parts & cloth body, as well as costumes, first offered January 2016.

I only ever made this one pair of the incredibly beautiful Suzi & Puyi, brother and sister dolls.

Many of you may have heard me say over the years that I have at least 200 dolls partly made all over my Studio, many carefully wrapped and stored away.

I have these good intentions to finish them, but then I start something new and drawer after drawer is filled with partly made dolls… Recently, I decided to work on some of them… this pair I am offering as they are, in my mind not quite finished… You may add more on to the costumes if you wish, as I had intended to do.

For Suzi & Puyi, first started in the year 2000, I used my own body pattern and changed the shoulderplates for both of them, though the heads, arms and legs are from the original molds.

All body parts were poured in Seeley’s “Oriental Flesh” porcelain with wonderful china painting in many layers with firings in between, including overall wash on all parts.

I was able to find authentic hand blown, Antique glass eyes for both these dolls.

Both dolls have acrylic wigs.

Their bodies are strong fabric, and body and arms have wire armature inside so they can be slightly bent.

I dressed them to match in the finest pure silk fabrics. Puyi has the lovely red pants made from pure silk that my friend got for me in Thailand.

I used the same fabric for the trim edging on both the jackets. The jackets are made from pure silk that has metallic threads interwoven as well as they are printed in metallic gold design. The jackets are both lined in fine pure cotton and have a lot of hand stitching inside. Suzi’s jacket is more complex in structure with wonderful pure silk satin and metallic gold trim. The pants are finished with French seams… You won’t find better sewing anywhere.

Puyi is 22 inches tall and Suzi is 24 inches.

They come as they are with no shoes.

You get both dolls shown.