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Rochard Lady

U.S. $2495.00 Finished 19.5 inch doll.. Many more photos in my ebay store

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking is the winner of over 50 International Awards, Canada's Top Trophy and many Best of Show Rosettes in International Competition, in 2018 celebrating 28 years in Dollmaking.

Emily Hart presenting: A lovely Parian lady doll with painted eyes and embellished with the Rochard Technique breastplate. Antique dolls created this way are extremely rare.

At 19.5 inches, she is breathtaking to behold.

The doll's head, lower arms and lower legs with molded boots feature:

Poured in finest “Lady White" porcelain with many layers of China paint applied meticulously with up to 6 firings in between.

Holes are made before the porcelain ware is high-fired in preparation for the glass cabochons to be inserted after the many china paint firings.

A heavy paste-like mix is carefully applied to create the gold necklace, and then real gold is fired on at the last firing to the Rochard paste and to the boots.

This doll has tiny roses also fired on to the boots at the front, the toe and the back of the boots.

After all the paint firings, glass cabochons are inserted into the holes. These glass cabochons have tiny photos of Antique doll faces behind them.

This is an extremely long and meticulous process to create such a Masterpiece!

Extra Fine painting done in 1997… One of a Kind.

This doll has remained in my own personal collection since I made her. I have not made another of this doll.

I made her body out of strong muslin with bendable hips and knees so she could sit well.

I made her dress with iridescent brown/black taffeta that is embellished with velvet dots. The neckline has Antique black jet beads sewn on and I made two little tassels also with Antique jet beads for the front of the dress. She has a sash of black taffeta with bow at the back.

I made the bloomers and petticoat out of the fine Batiste with pin tucks and lace.

She comes with her stand.

She stands 19.5 inches