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Zelma Princess

U.S. $1995.00 Amazing one of a kind doll....

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking, winner of over 50 International awards, Canada's Top Trophy and many Best of Show Rosettes creating Masterfully since 1990.

Presenting: A “One of a kind” doll, entirely made by Emily Hart, including all porcelain parts & cloth body, the doll completed in 1995, however, the costume was not completed until 2024.

Here you have a rare opportunity to get one of my very finest modern dolls.

I wanted to dress her to keep her for myself and so I used some very precious fabric that I had saved since 1981 for some special project.

I made her to be a Royal Princess, with jewel-encrusted garments.

This doll was made from the “Zelma” mold set of head, shoulderplate, lower arms, lower legs, with cloth body, originally sculpted by Roelie Broeksma-Muller and the molds made by Seeley’s.

This doll was poured in Seeley’s “Lady White” porcelain with wonderful China painting in many layers with firings in between, featuring “dimensional painting”, she has painted eyes.

She wears a necklace of Genuine Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Crème pearls.

I used the original synthetic wig that was designed and made for the Zelma dolls.

Her body is strong 100% cotton muslin, and arms have wire armature inside so they can be slightly bent at the elbows, hips, and knees.

I made a stunning full-length dress made with raw silk with metallic threads woven into the fabric. The skirt hem and the sleeves feature a deep chocolate-brown Guipure lace and a woven metallic trim with tiny pearls woven into it.

In addition, the skirt features a HAND MADE trim of jewels and bullion metallic threads.

The dress bodice is fully lined with pure silk taffeta and embellished with more HAND MADE metallic and jeweled appliques. The waist is embellished with a HAND MADE, beaded and sequined trim.

To compliment this extraordinary dress, I made her DELUXE undies in pure cotton fine embroidered Batiste fabric and trimmed them in French laces and Rayon trim with pink. Her undergarments consist of full petticoat and bloomers. All seams are French.

She wears black genuine leather shoes made in Italy.

This doll stands 25 inches tall.