Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

All Bisque Steiner


Emily Hart Heirlooms offers French Bébé Antique Reproduction doll.

This is known as an A-series Steiner originally made by Jules Nicolas Steiner from the 1880's into the 1900's.

This small doll is on an all-bisque or all-porcelain body. Complete doll, skin wig, and body made by Emily Hart.

This doll was not made for resale, but for Emily’s personal collection and will not be sold at any discount price.

Head poured in "Lady White" porcelain and with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between each layer

The skin tone is very lovely and ultra pale and with eye shadow and pale rosy cheeks

Eyes are the ultimate in quality French solid glass paperweight in Cobalt Blue color.

She wears earrings and matching necklace of genuine Amethyst gemstone beads and genuine Freshwater pearls.

Her skin wig was made by Emily

She is on an Authentic nine piece French reproduction Milette all porcelain body made by Emily Hart.

This lovely ONE OF A KIND costume features peach and dusty turquoise pure silk taffeta fabric dress and bonnet, embellished with the very most exquisite and dainty Genuine Antique laces.

The dress is hand beaded by Emily Hart with tiny glass beads.

100% cotton undergarments of bloomers and half slip.

The socks are hand knitted silk/rayon, and shoes are silk taffeta in the French style with pure silk rosettes.

This doll stands 10.75 inches and 12.5 inches to top of bonnet.