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Crescent Bru Bebe

SOLD 21 inch doll with display body... Read description below... Many more photos upon request.

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking celebrates 30 years in Dollmaking.

Presenting: Authentic Antique Reproduction Crescent Bru Bebe originally made by Leon Casimir Bru only during the years 1879 to 1884

This doll was made both with painted over teeth and showing the teeth as in this model.

Features matching porcelain lower arms also made by Emily Hart

Painted in 2016… dressed in 2020 by Emily

Poured in finest "Lady white" porcelain with many layers of China paint applied meticulously with up to 6 firings in between

Very finest French Paperweight hand blown solid glass eyes by HAND GLASS CRAFT OF ENGLAND in “blue/grey” color…

This doll comes with earrings and matching necklace of Genuine Swarovski crystals and Swarovski glass pearls. Swarovski created his glass pearls and crystals in the late 1800’s so these are historically correct for a Bru doll.

She comes with fine Australian Mohair wig… Extra long with extensions… in palest strawberry blonde colour. These wigs are custom made for Emily Hart dolls.

PLEASE NOTE: The lovely composition French Bebe body, handmade by Dick Grube features PORCELAIN Bru lower arms made by Emily. Please note handmade bodies may have slight imperfections….

Her costume consists of jacquard-woven heavy pure silk taffeta dress with matching bonnet.

THIS IS TRUE COUTURE SEWING! You can’t imagine the hours of hand sewing in this costume!

This dress by Emily Hart is embellished with the most exquisite Genuine Antique laces & trims. These laces and trims could well be over 100 years old.

The beaded trim going diagonally is pinned on with Antique brass tiny safety pins, so it can be easily removed if ever needed.

The waist trim is 100% natural rayon double-sided satin and matching bow at the back of the dress is wired.

The dress is lined in pure silk Charmeuse with crepe side showing and with the Emily Hart woven label sewn in.

The Beré-style hat features a beautiful Ostrich feather and matching trims to the dress with an added star-shaped vintage pink glass star at the top.

The undergarments are pure cotton with Antique laces trim and consist of bloomers and half-slip.

Socks are hand knitted and she wears French style shoes.

This doll stands 21 inches tall & 24 inches including bonnet trim.