Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

FG boy Jester

Finished amazing Jester with fabulous costume by Mary Lambeth

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking, is an Artist earning her living through making and selling porcelain dolls since 1990

Emily is the winner of over 50 International Awards, Canada's Top Trophy and many Best of Show Rosettes in International Competition


Rare French Bébé Reproduction porcelain doll marked FG 10 from the Seeley Mold “Jean Claude” in reduced size. This model was originally made by Francois Gaultier.

You will look long and hard to find another doll of this model.

Poured in finest Seeley’s “Lady White" porcelain with many layers of China paint meticulously applied with up to 6 firings in between

I did make this head some years ago, but kept it in a drawer and never put it on a body until now, December of 2020.

Very fine Authentic Reproduction French Paperweight hand-blown solid glass eyes by Hand Glass Craft of England in light brown color.

Please Note: Brown eyes do not photograph well, but they are very beautiful with fine threading.

He wears no earrings.

Fine Australian mohair wig in Honey Blonde color features all over curls.

The body is a handmade French Bebe composition reproduction body.

The fabulous ONE-OF-A-KIND Costume features pure silk satin fabric embellished with a myriad of fantastic Vintage metallic trims, little velvet balls, handmade flowers, Antique ribbon rosettes, feathers, and even tiny brass bells on the hat!

The trousers, top, and hat are all lined in cotton fabric.

Many hours of hand stitching went into this elaborate costume. The front medallion is completely hand made with the most wonderful metallic trims and embroidery. The back of the jacket, buttons up with genuine Antique brass buttons with flower motif.

Edges of the Jester jacket are finished with a most delicate and rare pure silk Antique lace.

This is a Mary Lambeth costume that has been altered by Emily Hart.

The lovely shoes have turned up toes and are decorated to match the costume with Vintage “old store stock” fruits from Germany.

He stands 20.5 inches and 24 inches to the top of the hat.

NOTE: You may have seen this body and costume with a different head in the past… I have sold each head that has been presented on this body in the past, therefore I offer this one as a new doll.