Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

Mirage Cabinet size Bebe


Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking

Winner of over 50 International awards, Canada's Top Trophy and many Best of show Rosettes in International Competition

Presenting: French Bébé Antique Reproduction doll unmarked.

One of the most distinctive models of French Antique dolls, this is a Jean Nordquist mold named "Mirage". She features a very distinctive innocent look that is very appealing

This doll was painted in 2012 though she was engraved in 2011.

This is near Flawless painting.... very pale and lovely dark lips and rosy cheeks.

Poured in "Lady White" porcelain and with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between each layer

She features very pale skin tone and eye shadow.

She wears genuine Swarovski crystal earrings with matching necklace.

This doll features very finest solid glass French paperweight eyes in "blue/grey" color by HAND GLASS CRAFT OF ENGLAND

She has a very fine and lustrous pale ash blonde mohair wig... custom made for Emily Hart dolls from Australian mohair

Extra fine Painting

The body is a reproduction French Child Body by Seeley’s (FB 12)

She stands finished at 15 inches and 18.5 inches including the bonnet to top of feather.

Her amazing ONE OF A KIND costume is sewn with finest pure silk fabrics and with an abundance of rare genuine Antique laces with handmade silk ribbon flowers as are the signature of Mary Lambeth costumes. Please note the very fine and dainty laces, with extra details carefully done to compliment this extraordinary doll, right down to the genuine Ostrich feather adorning her bonnet!

A truly outstanding and unique outfit!

100% cotton bloomers and half slip, hand knitted silk/rayon socks and silk shoes in the French style complete this attire.