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(posted on 7 Feb 2018)

Hello everyone who has asked to be on my News letter list....

Over the past couple of years I have not been physically very well, but I am trying very hard to present new doll Heads and dolls for you.

I have just completed some new heads and finally got them listed here today. Some of them were pre-ordered and several have already sold, but there are some beauties still to choose from.

Beckie Decker is trying hard to fill the body orders for all of you who have purchased recently. You may call The Bell Collection toll free if you are within the United States at 1-888-833-8725.

She can supply you with almost any body for the French and German styles.

I was able to order some mechanical, musical doll bodies from New York Doll Products before they closed down in New York and am working on making some of them into finished dolls this year. So far I have the Long Face Jumeau, the Phenix Bebe, and the Halopeau Bebes mostly made for the mechanical bodies. That is, I have the heads painted with eyes set in, but still have to finish painting the tiny jointed dolls that they are going to hold. Each one will be dressed in different beautiful silks and the most exquisite Antique HAND MADE laces... I am keeping the best laces for these mechanical dolls. I will be covering the wood bases with silk velvets. I am very excited about creating each one to be very special. If you are interested in reserving one, and having input into the costume colors and design, you are welcome to write to me at dolls@emilyhart.com  or call me at 250-850-2032 in Canada.

This is last call to have something poured for you this year... I plan to pour by next week around February 14th 2018. After that, my plan is to spend the rest of this year sewing costumes and finishing up projects that are partly done.

Today I have been taking an inventory of all the projects I have partly made, and am finding a lot of dolls I had completely forgotten I had started... many are modern dolls... Oh, those darling little Poppets!!!  The bisque is all ready for paint! The costumes are already made! I must get on with those... and then all those lovely Half dolls..... and so very many Modern dolls all ready to put together, I think I will be listing those as READY TO DRESS for those of you who are still interested in Modern dolls.

Thank you everyone who has supported me through all the hard times...

Many Blessings, Emily Hart