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(posted on 18 Feb 2015)

Hello Everyone

Finally we are having some lovely sunny days here on Vancouver Island, and it feels as if Spring is just around the corner...

As many of you know for the past three years I have suffered from a very debilitating condition in my right hand and was assured that it would never recover without Basal Joint Reconstruction Surgery that would take a year to recover from with no guarantee at all that at the end I would have any use of my hand... so I looked for alternative ways to heal. It has been a long and painful road to recovery, but it is near... I had to eliminate all processed foods, all animal products, all grains, and all dairy products. It was very hard to do this and it took me a long time to let go of the way I have eaten all my life. I thought I had a healthy diet, but now I am eating only raw fresh fruit and raw fresh vegetables and finally my hand is healing. I am following the protocol of Dr. Robert Morse ND, who has many teaching videos on YouTube, It is not 100% yet, but I am finally able to work again. Surgery is not the only option if one is willing to make a change in lifestyle and eating habits.

In January and February I have been working very hard to get new heads and new dolls made. I have posted photos of the dolls I am working on in the 2015 Gallery, and so if you see any that you want set aside for you, please write to let me know.

The Halopeau Mechanical doll is presently on hold, however, I am also making one more Mechanical that is a long Face Jumeau. These dolls play music and the heads move side to side and arms move up and down.

VERY IMPORTANT... IF YOU DO WRITE TO ME, PLEASE PUT IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OTHERWISE I RECEIVE THE MESSAGE AND CANNOT REPLY TO IT. This has recently happened again, with a person with the name Doreen F., so if you read this you will understand why I have been unable to reply to your questions.

At this time, I am planning out costumes, drafting up patterns and will be sewing my own costumes this year. My focus will be mainly on silk dresses dripping with lace, some will be high quality French Reproduction laces and others will be fabulous Antique laces. I adore lace dresses and if you want any Antique lace dress reproduced on any doll, please send me photos of what you like and I will make something as close as possible to the Antique dress with the laces I have.

The first one will be a 21 inch Halopeau 5H in an authentic reproduction Halopeau costume from a photo in Stuart Holbrook's book "The doll as Art".

I could possibly sell some of the new heads on their own also... I have already sold the large Virginia LaVorgna Bru 11 head.

I always love hearing from you, even if you are not buying from me, and please sign my guestbook if you wish... I love seeing your comments.

Warmest Regards and dollie hugs, Emily