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A Marque book by Francois Theimer

Here is a photo of the cover of the Francois Theimer book on Albert Marque's work. This book is a must-have for any true fan of these dolls.

Albert Marque, a Sculptor, a Doll, by F. Theimer, Ed. Polichinelle, 8 inches x 12 inches ( 21 cm x 30 cm ), hardcover book with 120 full color pages

This is a hardcover book with 120 color pages magnificently documented that presents
the work of the French artist Albert Marque (1872 - 1939), famous at the beginning of the century
for his representation of women and children.
In 1915, he worked in collaboration with Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix who asked him to create a doll
The realization of the head has been given to the manufacture de Sèvres who worked on the
sculptures from Albert Marque. The clothing was made by Margaine-Lacroix.
A very large variety of costumes was made, this giving the collection of very beautiful quality
presented at the Margaine-Lacroix gallery in 1915.
The success was immediate but brief at this time of war.
The signed dolls "A. Marque " made their return in the 70s
first, on auction sales in the U.S. and in France in the 80's.
These luxury dolls are now at significant amounts...


  • Albert Henri MARQUE, sculptor
  • A tortured end of life
  • Short biography
  • Jeanne Victorine MARGAINE-LACROIX
  • A visionary
  • The meeting
  • Charlotte
  • Aspects techniques
  • Presentation of the Doll
  • A call to the children of America
  • Albert MARQUE's Dolls at the CARNEGIE Museum
  • The price of a legend
  • Non-exhaustive chronological panorama of Albert Marque's work (1901 - 1935)
  • The outbreak of Decorative Art (Autumn Exhibition 1911)

The French texts are written by François Theimer with an English translation booklet.