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Jewel Eyes


HEAD ONLY for your own 11 to 12 inch body

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking Presents

Antique Reproduction doll head marked SFBJ 238 Paris

This little child doll is commonly known as “Jewel Eyes” and was originally made by the Societe Francaise De Fabrication de Bebes et Jouets (S. F. B. J.) made in Paris France from 1910 to 1920

Features are:This little face has the most adorable sweet, dreamy expression! She has molded teeth.

Finest porcelain head poured in “Lady White” porcelain with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between.

She features a fine Australian mohair wig in palest strawberry blonde

French paperweight hand blown solid glass eyes in Extra Light Blue by Hand Glass Craft of England with lovely threading

The ears are pierced and she comes with fabulous Genuine Swarovski crystal earrings.

Extra fine Painting done in September of 2014

I have displayed this head on the Seeley FB12 body.

She can also be put on your own SFBJ 11 inch body and will be a 14 inch doll.

This listing is for head with pate, wig, earrings and neck hook, ready for easy attachment to your own body available from dollstomake, Gildebrief, Virginia LaVorgna, or New York Doll Products websites, or my own recommendation is Joyce's doll bodies of Oregon. I am not permitted to put the phone number here but you can do a search for my own site and find it there.

In this case, the finished doll is shown for reference only, body and clothing is NOT INCLUDED in this listing.